Monthly Archives: August 2014

On the spot learning through social media

A recent article by Moorley & Chinn (2014) highlights the increasing use of Twitter as a knowledge sharing platform. Whilst more usually associated with social connectivity, it is interesting to see how more and more professional disciplines and groups are now using Twitter for sharing evidence. Recently, OPSWISE joined Twitter, and it is already apparent how extraordinary and useful this service can be. Through forming virtual links with people and groups with shared interests, there are so many opportunities for on the spot learning. For OPSWISE, this means a great way to capture important, relevant snippets of information about what’s current, and what works, in developments for the assistant care workforce or in older people’s care services, which have the potential to contribute to our review. It also means extending our networking and sharing activities across to groups and disciplines, so that learning is mutual and exciting. OPSWISE will soon be taking part in a “WeNurses” (Twitter nursing community) chat, and we look forward to what this will generate, and what the discussions will bring to our work. Follow us at @opswisestudy