Titles and roles -capturing terms/key words

Saks and Allsop (2007) define the health and social care assistant workforce as those “who provide face to face care or support of a personal or confidential nature to service users in a clinical or therapeutic setting, community facilities or domiciliary, but who do not hold a qualification accredited by a professional association and are not formally regulated by a statutory body”. From our literature searching to date and in conversations with our project and advisory groups we have come across a long list of terms used to describe this role in the UK and internationally. Here’s our list. Have you come across others? posted by Beth Hall
• Aide
• Allied health assistant
• Assistant
• Assistant care worker
• Assistant care workforce
• Assistant nurse
• Assistant practitioner
• Care assistant
• Care attendant
• Care practitioner
• Care provider
• Care worker
• Carer
• Clinical support worker
• Community health worker
• community nursing assistant
• Community rehabilitation team therapist
• Community support worker
• Direct care worker
• Generic worker
• Health advisor
• Health aide
• Health care aide
• Health care assistant
• Health care support worker
• Health care worker
• Health trainer
• Health worker
• Healthcare aide
• Healthcare assistant (HCA)
• Healthcare support staff
• Healthcare Support Worker (HCSW)
• Healthcare worker
• Helper
• Home care support worker
• Hybrid worker
• In-home aide
• Intermediate Care
• Medical assistant
• Mentor
• Multidisciplinary healthcare support worker
• Nurse aide
• Nursing Assistant
• Nursing support worker
• Officer
• Outreach worker
• Paraprofessional
• Peer support
• Peer worker
• Personal assistant
• Personal care aide
• Personal care assistant
• Personal support worker
• Physical therapy assistant
• Physiotherapy assistant
• Rehabilitation assistant
• Rehabilitation assistant
• Rehabilitation support worker
• Rehabilitation worker
• Support Staff
• Support worker
• Support workforce
• Technician
• Therapy aide
• Therapy assistant
• Therapy support worker
• Unlicensed worker
• Unregulated worker

Saks, M., & Allsop, J., (2007), Social Policy, Professional Regulation and Health Support Work in the UK. Social Policy and Society, 6 (2), pp. 165-177

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